Distance yourself from negativity 

People used to always tell me "Be positive" but I never really knew what they meant.. I thought I was positive and always thought to myself: how much more positive can I get? Until I hit rock bottom. They say once you hit rock bottom there's nowhere else to go but upwards. WRONG. Once you … Continue reading Distance yourself from negativity 

Potty training: the first big parenting test 

There's a new obstacle everyday in a moms life...my life..... whether it's a new word she's gotta decipher...or finding ways to pass the day with as minimal crying as possible...figuring out if he really wants juice or if he really wants cornflakes with milk.. or potty training!!! Yes, yes. The time I've been dreading has … Continue reading Potty training: the first big parenting test 

My experience with animal fostering 🐾 

I think of myself and refer to myself as a huge animal lover. Honestly bring me any animal (with the exception of cockroaches and flies) and I'll instantly fall in love! My biggest weaknesses however are dogs, cats and rats ❤️❤️ so it's really no wonder why I'm involved in animal rescue.  Animal rescue really … Continue reading My experience with animal fostering 🐾